• Nisku, Canada


    Drilling services facility
    gains API Q2 certification

    On May 31, 2016, Weatherford announced that its drilling services facility in Nisku, Alberta, Canada, received API Specification Q2 certification. To gain certification, a facility must demonstrate a robust quality management system that assures personnel competency, risk assessment, contingency planning, and other key elements.

    The Nisku facility is the second Weatherford facility in Canada to achieve this certification, following a Weatherford-Canada Partnership facility in Paradise, Newfoundland, certified in 2015.

    This certification validates the success of our service-quality and risk-mitigation programs, which are driven internally by our Operational Excellence and Performance System (OEPS), as well as our strong culture of safety, quality, and teamwork.

  • Toronto, Canada


    Weatherford Canada recognized for safety
    3 years running

    On October 25, 2016, Weatherford received the Silver Award for Canada's Safest Employer in the Oil and Gas Industry category at a ceremony in Toronto. This marks the third consecutive year that Weatherford has been recognized as one of the safest employers in the energy sector.

    The annual Canada's Safest Employers Awards are presented by Canadian Occupational Safety magazine, a Thomson Reuters business, in recognition of Canadian companies with outstanding accomplishments in promoting the health and safety of their workers. Companies were judged on a wide range of occupational health and safety (OHS) elements, including employee training, OHS management systems, incident investigation, emergency preparedness, and innovative health and safety initiatives.

  • North Sea, UK


    Completed abandonment operation
    7 days ahead of schedule

    An operator sought to fully and compliantly abandon a technically challenging North Sea well. Working collaboratively with both the operator and the drilling contractor, Weatherford performed pre-job engineering and planning. The operation was expected to be completed in 35 days.

    By applying a package of integrated solutions including fishing and tubular services, Weatherford efficiently pulled and recovered the casing to enable secure plug and abandonment. The operation was completed in 28 days — 7 days ahead of schedule — and below budget.

  • Eastern Europe


    Tripled production
    in 5 previously declining wells

    Between January and October 2016, an operator saw field-wide production declines of 2,000 BOE per day. Assuming a price of $50 per barrel, the 25% decline in production represents a loss of approximately $3 million each month through October.

    Seeking an efficient solution to arrest the decline and potentially restore some production in a group of five wells, the operator selected the Weatherford Production Advisor solution. To date, production in these five wells has more than tripled, with a 278% increase. In addition, data delivered through our solution enabled the operator to perforate and test a previously untapped pay zone with an estimated 500MMScm of gas — a net book value of roughly $14 million.

  • Bolivia


    Optimized drilling efficiency to
    save 4.7 days of rig time

    An operator in Bolivia sought to optimize drilling times while drilling and casing a well section that passed through a challenging formation. Weatherford deployed an integrated solution that leveraged several products from our Tubular Running Services product line: the OverDrive™ system, TorkDrive™ compact internal clamping tool, DwC system, and Defyer™ DPA bit.

    Using this purposefully configured suite of tools, Weatherford mitigated hole problems while drilling and cementing two casing strings. Overall, the operation was completed 4.7 days ahead of schedule compared to conventionally drilled wells of similar depths.

  • Latin America


    Completed MPD integration on active deepwater rig
    in 43 Days

    Faced with a challenging exploration campaign in a frontier basin in Latin America, an operator decided to shift from a traditional drilling strategy to managed pressure drilling (MPD). Weatherford, leveraging its established MPD footprint in the region, quickly dispatched a team to install a complete MPD package on a rig in the middle of a deepwater drilling campaign.

    A multidisciplinary team of Weatherford subject-matter experts efficiently executed this complex project, building custom piping and commissioning the package on the active rig in just 43 days, and deploying the MPD riser joint in just 28 hours.

  • Thailand


    Collected triple-combo LWD data
    at 390°F with ZERO NPT

    After the first successful runs of the Heatwave℠ Extreme (HEX) service were completed in late 2015, Weatherford continued to collaborate with an operator in the Gulf of Thailand to develop triple-combo logging-while-drilling (LWD) capabilities. In September 2016, the enhanced HEX service successfully collected a full suite of LWD data in multiple high-temperature wells, with a maximum depth of 17,559 ft and a maximum circulating temperature of 390°F. Over the course of a nine-well campaign, the operation recorded zero nonproductive time.

    The results achieved with the HEX technology to date demonstrate the magnitude of progress that can be achieved through close collaboration between an operator and a service company.

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE


    Named Oilfield Services Company of the Year
    at 2016 Oil & Gas Middle East Awards

    On October 5, Weatherford was named Oilfield Services Company of the Year at the 2016 Oil & Gas Middle East Awards in recognition of our outstanding achievements in the Middle East. From a field of four finalists for Oilfield Services Company of the Year, Weatherford was selected for its commitment to providing Middle Eastern operators with integrated, complete solutions.

    The award is a testament to our continual investments in quality people, facilities, and services in the Middle East.

  • Moscow, Russia


    Named directional drilling company of the Year
    by Rosneft

    Weatherford Russia was recognized as the Best Directional Drilling Company of the Year by Rosneft at the second specialized Exploration and Production Technologies 2016 Сonference held in Moscow October 4 and 5, 2016.

    Rosneft, the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum corporation, acknowledged its top contractors in several categories for performance excellence in 2015 during a panel at the conference. The company reviewed the performance of several Russian and foreign contractors in the areas of health, safety, and the environment (HSE); reliability; and technology. Weatherford was recognized for achieving the best results in directional drilling and logging and measurement while drilling throughout the company’s assets in 2015.

  • Sakhalin Island, Russia


    Saved operator
    52 hours of rig time

    In late February, Weatherford completed a drilling and reaming project near Sakhalin Island, Russia, that resulted in a total of 52 hours in rig time saved.

    The operator contracted Weatherford to enlarge a 3,641-ft (1,110-m) hole section from 8-1/2 to 9-1/2 in. on an offshore development well. Weatherford deployed a dual-reamer bottomhole assembly including a RipTide® drilling reamer and a RipTide Rathole Killer® drilling reamer. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags enabled both reamers to be opened and closed remotely and selectively throughout the run. This method allowed the crew to drill and ream the hole section to a total depth of 14,629 ft (4,459 m), eliminate the rathole, and clean the wellbore in a single trip.

    By removing the need for a dedicated cleanout trip, which takes an average of 52 hours in this field, the RFID tools produced significant value in terms of time, cost, and operational efficiency.

  • North Dakota, USA


    Increased production 20%
    and reduced costs 30%

    In the Bakken Shale, a customer contracted Weatherford to replace electric submersible pumps (ESPs) with Rotaflex® 1100 long-stroke pumping units on a group of wells to mitigate downhole failures and increase production while lowering utility costs. Weatherford provided classroom and field training for customer personnel to help ensure a smooth transition.

    After seeing a 20% increase in production over conventional rod-lift systems and a 30% reduction in energy costs compared to ESPs, the customer moved forward with plans to install an additional 40 Rotaflex units.

  • Gulf of Mexico, USA


    Increased rig productivity
    by 25%

    A major operator sought to replicate the productivity and efficiency of a dual-activity rig on a single-activity derrick stacked on a tension leg platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The limited deck space available, and the unpredictable and often violent weather common in the area, made the operation vulnerable to substantial levels of risk and inefficiency. To mitigate these factors, the operator contracted Weatherford to develop a hands-free, open-head bucking unit customized for the application.

    By pairing the custom bucking unit with other mechanized tubular running equipment, the streamlined pipe transfer system was able to efficiently make up and break out double and triple joints of pipe. The operator experienced immediate gains in operational flexibility, and expects a 25% in productivity over the life of the asset.